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Top 20 Guitar VST Plugins That Sound like Actual Guitars

When it comes to creating the best guitar sound possible, you might think you need a great guitar, amp, pedal, and more. However, by using Virtual Studio Technology (VST), you can use a virtual instrument that sounds almost like the real thing. A top-rated VST plugin will give the guitarist the capability to develop effects […]

7 Famous Billboard Songs – Which Guitars Were Used?

7 Famous Billboard Songs -Which Guitars Were Used?

The guitar is arguably one of the essential parts of a band. Whether the musical instrument is used to play a solo, strum with the rhythm, or play the bass, the tune makes the song more engaging and addicting to their listeners. Many guitarists can showcase their musical talents while adding solo parts. Seeing particularly […]

Want to Start Playing Guitar? Here Is the Total Guide

how to play the guitar- beginners

No matter what your age is, it is never too late to learn how to play the guitar! Young or old, there is no restriction on learning this new skill. Regardless of what your age or musical background is, learning how to play an instrument can be a rewarding experience. Once you start to learn […]

The Guitar’s History — an In-Depth Look

historical evolution of guitars

The history of the guitar is long and extensive, with nearly every society throughout the world having using a variation of the beautiful instrument. The influence of this musical instrument gave us the ability to create and spread numerous traditions, and has had a profound impact on our modern history. Ancient Guitars The guitar has […]