Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits in 2021: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The best electric guitar starter kits are the ones that give you everything you need to start playing, without breaking the bank. But, there are a lot of options out there and it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money and which ones are a waste. To help you know what to look for we’ve put together this buying guide that breaks down whats important and what’s not as well as reviews of 10 of our favorite starter kits for new electric guitarists. Let’s get started.

Quick Answer: The Top Electric Guitar Starter Kits

Electric Guitar Start Kit Reviews

1. Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)
991 Reviews
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)
  • Epiphone's Les Paul Player Pack has everything you need to start playing guitar right away
  • It includes a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar featuring two classic hum bucker pickups and a 10-watt Electra...
  • Epiphone also includes a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner, a guitar strap, medium picks, and an easy-to-carry gig...
  • Comfortable to play
  • Produces a clear sound
  • Easy for beginners to change the strings and tune

From beginners to professionals, nearly every guitarist has their eyes on a Gibson Les Paul. As one of the most guitar models in the world, this Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar delivers a budget guitar with quality and playability, making it everything you need to enter the world of guitars. Epiphone, the budget-friendly subsidiary of Gibson, is a leader in making affordable guitars. This player package features an original LP Special II LTD guitar, a ten-foot-long cable, and an Electar guitar amp with an output of 10 watts, making it one of the best packages at this price point. There are even popular electric guitar plugins out there that have this guitar as a preset. The hardware of the guitar is fairly-high quality, with machine heads and tune-o-matic bridge. It also includes a stop bar, which means it will be easier to tune and change your strings. The Les Paul gets its sound from two Epiphone-designed pickups located at the bridge position and head. Both the humbuckers, which keeps unwanted sounds to a minimum while still helping you to create a clear sound. When you crank the overdrive, you can get an excellent aggressive, growly sound. The player package also includes the Epiphone Electar Amplifier. It has a 6” speak and 10-watts of power into one small guitar amp, but it still produces a clean, crisp tone that can become raspier if you choose, making it perfect for rock or metal practice. The clean/overdrive channel select button allows you to switch between sounds quickly. It also comes equipped with a headphone jack so you can practice late at night or in a quiet place. Also included are a wide variety of accessories, like a digital chromatic tuner, which is effortless to use. Thanks to the clip-on function, you won’t ever lose it. Plectrums, cable, strap, and a branded gig bag are also included in this starter kit. While all of these products are relatively standard, they still make this package even more affordable and perfect for a beginner who wants to test out some gear or even for kids who are just starting out. The starter package also comes with guitar instructional videos from eMedia, which help to teach you popular songs at a speed that beginners can handle. All in all, this starter kit is the perfect purchase for a novice player. The quality of the Les Paul Special-I LTD is good for the low price, and the amp is powerful enough to handle any practice session. The guitar and amp are worth the price of this package, and all the extras are a bonus that helps you to learn the electric guitar.

2. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Starter Kit

Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar Pack - HSS - Candy Apple Red
127 Reviews
Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar Pack - HSS - Candy Apple Red
  • Pack Includes Squier Guitar, 15 Watt Guitar amplifier, picks, Cable, and strap
  • Engineered to capture the Essential recipe that makes Fender special
  • Stop Dreaming and start playing with this all inclusive beginner Guitar bundle
  • Has a beautiful vintage style
  • Neck shape makes it easy for beginners to play
  • Amp delivers clean tones for jamming sessions

This starter kit packs a lot of value and allows you to start rocking your electric guitar as soon as you open the box. The guitar is an Affinity Series guitar that can produce a versatile tone thanks to its humbucking bridge pickup and two single-coil Strat pickups. If you want to switch between multiple sounds, this guitar delivers. While it isn’t the most expensive kit out there, but it is a reliable option for people on a budget. The electric guitar has Fender’s iconic Strat design, with a rich sounding humbucking bridge pickup and two single-coil Strat pickups. All of these features come together to allow you to create just about any style of music.

The Fender tremolo bridge has a more vintage-style look, so it transports you back in time. In addition, the maple neck is C shaped and is relatively lightweight, which makes it more comfortable for new players to wrap their fingers around, and  allows them to hold it for long periods of time.

A Fender Frontman 15G amplifier is also included in this starter. This amp is small, but it does give you 15 watts of power and can help you produce clean overdrive channels. Because of the pure tone of the guitar and amp, it is an excellent guitar for practicing or jamming with a small group.

You can also plug the guitar into an aux input into a media device so you can strum along with your favorite songs as you learn how to play the electric guitar. You can also utilize the headphone jack to use the guitar during a silent jamming session. A padded gig bag, strap, cable, and picks, as well as a free three-month subscription to Fender Play, which helps you learn how to play, are all included with this starter kit.

Everything you need to start playing is included, at an affordable price, this starter kit is well worth the price. If you are looking for a different type of guitar kit to help you build a guitar, take a look at Happy New Guitar Day’s guide

3. Ibanez IJRG220Z Jumpstart Electric Guitar Pack

  • Perfect for power cords, riffs, and lead licks
  • Built for fast playing
  • Ideal for playing rock or metal styles

If you have had your eye on a Steve vai Signature Jem, but don’t have the thousands of dollars it costs, then this Ibanez Jumpstart Package, with an RG guitar included, is a good budget option. This quality guitar starter kit comes with the Ibanez Gio RG guitar which has become a staple from the Japanese company. It is a comfortable instrument for beginners to play thanks to its Superstrat body shape and 25.5” scale length.

The body of the guitar is made from solid poplar, comes with a bold-on maple wood neck, and has a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets. All around, this is a good looking guitar that fits your rocking aspirations! The pickups are also built more for rock and metal, coming equipped with two Infinity humbuckers that were designed by Ibanez. Located at the bridge and neck positions, the humbuckers are perfect for power chords, riffs, and lead licks. If you want to do some fast-playing eventually, this guitar can do the job. You can also hold your chords in place with the tremolo bridge and whammy bars. Both of these allow you to add extra vibrato, but it may affect the ability of the guitar to hold a tune.

As it says on the box, this Ibanez kit has “everything you need to get out and gig!” The starter kit also comes with a 10-watt IBZIG amplifier that isn’t as powerful as you might need for actual gigging because it is a little quiet. The amp controls are basic and can adjust the volume, treble, and bass. While this is not the most versatile of controls, it does allow you to get some variation in the sound you produce. As with most starter packs, it comes with a headphone jack so you can play silently. It also comes with some quality branded goods like a gig bag, plectrums, a cable, and a guitar strap. The electronic tuner is especially useful to new players who need some help tuning their new musical instrument.

This starter kit is a durable all-around option for people looking to purchase their first electric guitar. While you might eventually need to upgrade the amp, it is still a good starter kit for beginners who are just starting to learn how to play.

4. Sawtooth ES Series Bundle

Sawtooth Citron Vanilla Cream Electric Guitar w/White Pickguard - Includes: Accessories & 10-Watt Amp
74 Reviews
Sawtooth Citron Vanilla Cream Electric Guitar w/White Pickguard - Includes: Accessories & 10-Watt Amp
  • Sycamore Body with Citron Vanilla Cream Finish and 3-Ply White Pickguard
  • Maple c-shape neck with Maple fingerboard, 21 medium jumbo frets and Dot position inlays
  • 25.5" scale length; 42 mm nut width
  • Versatile in sound production
  • Playable right out of the box
  • The U-shaped neck profile is perfect for bending notes and playing solos

This starter kit is an outstanding choice for a wide range of skill ranges at a good value. The Sawtooth ES Series guitar can produce a variety of sounds thanks to its sycamore body, tremolo bridge, and three single-coil pickups. The guitar features a more classic and vintage look. While the amp isn’t as powerful as some of the others on the list, the value of the pack makes it well worth the cost.

5. Pyle Pro PEGKT15R Beginner Package

PylePro Full Size Electric Guitar Package w/ Amp, Guitar Bundle, Case & Accessories, Electric Guitar Bundle,...
219 Reviews
PylePro Full Size Electric Guitar Package w/ Amp, Guitar Bundle, Case & Accessories, Electric Guitar Bundle,...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The electric guitar kit was designed for beginners. It comes with everything you need to get...
  • ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED: Take your guitar amplifier kit to lessons, gigs or on vacation with the included...
  • HANDCRAFTED CONSTRUCTION: The Pyle Pro guitar was handcrafted from three different kinds of high-quality wood,...
  • Easy to reach all the notes and strings thanks to the shape
  • Whammy bar helps you to create vibrato effects
  • Tone is clean and bright

While Pyle Pro isn’t as familiar a brand as others on this list, the substantial value of this kit is what earned it a spot on this list. It is a great starter pack for beginners and comes with a Pyle Pro guitar that looks like a Strat and has a basswood body, Maplewood neck, and rosewood for the fretboard. The combination of woods produces a robust sound that is perfect for creating nearly every type of genre of music, including rock, country, folk, blues, and more. The chrome-accented hardware and tuner pegs are easy to turn, and the kit comes with a tuner that makes it easy for even beginners to use.

The pack includes a strap, cable, plectrums and gig bag. While it doesn’t include as many extras as other kits, it is a great beginner guitar if you want a reliable instrument to learn how to play the electric guitar on a budget.

6. Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, 10W Amp, Strings,...
5,968 Reviews
Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, 10W Amp, Strings,...
  • ULTIMATE BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE GUITAR: Your electric guitar set comes ready to play right out of the box and is...
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE GUITAR KIT: No need to purchase any additional accessories, this all-inclusive set comes with...
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: New model features a quality paint finish, custom black tuning pegs, and accented binding for a...
  • Shaped for easy playing, either sitting or standing
  • Perfect for playing rock, blues, and metal
  • Amp runs on batteries for easy portability

This starter kit is one of the most affordable options on the list and is perfect for those considering whether or not an electric guitar is right for them or are on a tight budget. Constructed with a hardwood body and truss rod neck fingerboard, this classic electric guitar enables you to produce a mellow sound comfortably. It comes with 22 frets, as well as three single-coil pickups with dedicated controls.

This affordable pack also comes with a small 10-watt practice amp that isn’t as versatile as others but does produce clear and overdriven tones. When you buy the kit, you will also receive a gig bag, a strap, a plectrum, and a cable.

7. Silvertone Citation Guitar & Amp Set

  • Includes tuner to make it easier for beginners
  • Five-way selector switch for more tones and sounds
  • 20-watt powerhouse amp

The Silvertone starter pack is one of the best on the market. The set gives you everything you need to start playing the guitar, including a sleek Silvertone SS10 electric guitar. For Stratocaster fans, this guitar is a solid, more affordable alternative.

The beautiful design of the guitar features a double-cutaway body, which makes it easy for beginners to reach all the frets. The pickup selector has 5 positions, and you also get two volume and tone controls, allowing you to produce a wide variety of sounds and tones.

Also included in this kit is a Silvertone Smart II guitar amp, which puts out 20-Watts, and consists of a switchable overdrive, and 3-band EQ. While it is small at only six inches, it does do the job quite well. It also comes with a headphone outlet which is perfect for quiet playing. The electronic tuner that comes with the starter kick makes it easier for electric guitar novices to tune their instrument. As a bonus, it can also be used to tune an acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele. Also included in the kit are extra strings, gig bag and guitar strap, chord chart, picks, and ¼ instrument cable. The Silvertone Citation Guitar and Amp Set is a reliable option for players who want to learn more about electric guitars.

8. Dean Vendetta Starter Pack with Vendetta XMT

Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar with Tremolo, Satin Natural and Accessory Bundle
3 Reviews
Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar with Tremolo, Satin Natural and Accessory Bundle
  • Paulownia wood body for resonant sound with plenty of chime and a nice, tight low-end
  • Bolt-on maple neck construction with 24-fret black walnut fretboard and classic pearl dot inlays
  • Dual humbucking pickups, Vintage Tremolo bridge, Die Cast tuning machines, Vol/Tone/3-Way Toggle controls
  • Produces tons of volume and tons
  • Affordable budget guitar
  • Slim and lightweight

The Vendetta XMT comes as part of this starter pack from Dean Guitars, which delivers one of the best beginner guitar packs on the market. The maple neck of the Vendetta XMT is slim and lightweight, which makes it more comfortable for new players to wrap their hands around and play. The rosewood fretboard has 24 frets, and the headstock features a 6 Dean tuning machines.

The hardware of the guitar includes a vintage tremolo bridge system with a tune-o-matic and has two humbuckers at the bridge and neck. With a three-way switch and two control knobs to switch the volume and tone of the guitar, it is a good option for novice players.

The amplifier that comes with this starter kit is a Dean M10 model and puts forth 10 watts of power. While this isn’t as powerful as some other amps on this list, it shines in other ways, including its versatility to deliver different tones through its gain, boost, volume, treble, middle, and bass tone controls. The kit also comes with everything you should need to get started, including a gig bag, Dean LT-10 tuner, strap, instrument cable, and extra picks.

The Dean Vendetta Starter Pack with Vendetta XMT is an all-around quality starter pack. It can output a wide variety of sounds like blues, jazz, metal, and rock. With clean tones, it is a guitar that you can enjoy playing.

9. Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Electric Guitar Performance Package

Slash'AFD' Signature Les Paul Special-II
156 Reviews
Slash"AFD" Signature Les Paul Special-II
  • The Les Paul "AFD" Special-II guitar is equipped with new Ceramic plus Hum bucking pickups with a AAA Flame Maple...
  • The Slash Les Paul Special-II has a bound body with a build in Shadow pickup ring E-Tuner.
  • This Outfit also comes with a Custom Gig bag with a Snake pit logo and Slash Signature Dunlop To text picks....
  • Easy for novices to change and tune strings
  • Clear tone and sound
  • Amp delivers 15 watts of power

Les Paul is one of the most well-known guitar brands, and beginners can now purchase their very own Les Paul through its budget-friendly subsidiary. Included in this starter pack is the original LP Special II LTD guitar, which is a durable instrument that can produce a clear sound without breaking your wallet. The guitar comes with the classic tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar, which makes it easier for novice guitarist to change and tune their strings. The guitar features two Epiphone-designed pickups, with one located at the bridge position and the other at the neck. The sound that the guitar produces is clear, but can also add a bit of growl and aggressive if you want to crank up the overdrive.

Also included in this kit is an Epiphone Slash Snakepit-15 Amplifier, which comes with an 8” speaker and delivers 15 watts of power. This amp does provide you with quite a bit of power and is good enough for practice and jamming, and it can even help you create raspy, deep overdrive that is suitable for metal and rock practice. The controls come with a clean/overdrive channel select button, which also allows you to switch through different sounds quickly and effortlessly. You also get a headphone jack, which is essential for late-night or quiet jam sessions.

The Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Electric Guitar Performance Package also comes with a Slash signature design padded gig bag, a cable, Slash signature pectrums, and a strap. You also get access to free online guitar lessons – invaluable to new players.

The price of this starter pack is a bit higher than other guitars, but it is a good enough guitar to appeal to more than just beginners. The guitar delivers impressive sound, the amp packs a good power punch, and the extras are a bit of an upgrade from a standard starter kit. All around, it is a worthy starter kit for both beginners and the more advanced players alike!

10. Schecter C-1 SGR Bundle

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar Amp Bundle- Midnight Satin Black
  • Arch Top Carved Body Electric Guitar (incudes gig bag)
  • Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
  • Includes 10 watt amp with volume, gain, drive control
  • Beautiful detailing and build
  • Clean tones
  • Comfortable playability

This bundle kit comes from Schecter, which isn’t as well known as other companies on the list but does create some high-end, quality guitars. Luckily, the guitar in this bundle is the entry-level version of the Schecter C1, which means it is affordable, but still offers good electronics and comfortable playability.

The guitar bundle comes with the Schecter C-1 SGR, which is not the premium model, but it has a solid build and detailing that puts other budget guitars to shame. The guitar comes with polished black hardware, a Gothic Cross inlay, and the Schecter headstock that are all extremely high-quality.

The hardware of the guitar features two SGR humbuckers at the bridge and neck position. You can control the tone with the two metal control knobs which can manipulate the volume and tone as well as a pickup selector switch. There is also a set of sealed tuners, graphite nut, and fixed tune-o-matic bridge.

This guitar is perfect for a beginner, and it doesn’t produce the rich tones you would expect from a premium guitar, it does meet the standards of a budget guitar. The sound is decent and clear and still keeps its clarity even after the overdrive is cranked all the way up. When paired with the 10 watts Sawtooth ST-AMP Amp, it can work well at practice and jam sessions.

Also included in the Schecter C-1 SGR Bundle is a 10-foot cable and branded gig bag. While you don’t get as many extras as you do with other bundle kits, it does pack a good value and gives you a comfortable guitar to play.