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What should I look for when buying an acoustic guitar?

When shopping for an acoustic guitar, the first thing you should consider is the style of guitar you want to buy. The best way to figure this out is by playing the various styles to determine which best suits your needs.

You will also want to pay attention to how the guitar feels when you play it. Sit down and hold the guitar in your lap, as you would when playing it, and take note of a few different factors:

  • How does the guitar’s body feel between your chest and strumming arm?
  • Does the guitar feel too big or too small?
  • Does your chord hand feel like it can fit comfortably around the neck?
  • How does the guitar sound when played softly?
  • How does the guitar sound when played loudly? Does it project clearly?
  • Do you like the balance of high and low tones?

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